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Transit Team Shares Expertise

Safety is the key focus of the NARCOG Regional Transit Agency (RTA).  We provide multiple opportunities for transit drivers and other team members to obtain and refresh skills necessary to ensure the safety of our passengers and drivers.  The RTA provides a safety certification training program as well as a comprehensive safety training program.

One of the key ways for drivers to acquire skills training and to hone their driving skills is to participate in roadeos.  These are competitions involving the handling of transit vehicles such as the buses used to provide transportation in the NARCOG region.  Our agency has participated in local and state roadeos and sponsored many including the most recent local event in March of this year.

Two RTA team members were invited to serve on a panel to discuss local and state roadeo training at an upcoming Alabama Transportation Association and ALTRANS sponsored conference.  David Clemons and Jarrod Lucas have been with the RTA since it began operating under NARCOG in October of 2016.  Mr. Clemons has been involved in eight state competitions as a judge, a member of the set-up team and has served as a member of the Alabama State Roadeo Committee for the past five years.  Clemons has also attended three national roadeos, serving as a judge on the passenger securement team.  Mr. Lucas has been involved in three local roadeo competitions and has served as a judge at six state level competitions.  He is also a member of the state roadeo set-up team.

Jarrod Lucas will join Clemons at the state conference to share their involvement in roadeos and discuss the importance of this type training.  They will be available to answer questions and offer expertise to other agencies seeking to begin or improve their own local roadeos.  NARCOG is proud of the expertise these team members bring to our local RTA.